Horizon at Sandy Point

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chicken ten ways

Max is practically human. In the wild, he may not be able to fend for himself. Humans have "created" pets "in our own likeness," and it is probably fair to say that dogs and cats and other domesticated animals are co-creators, complicit in the relationship.

Other creatures - however close to humans they live - are meant to be free. Consider the cobo, for instance, no Trini would dream of domesticating a flock of cobos - though by and large, they benefit from human activity; and provide benefit to our landscape by cleaning up road kill as well as other products of a wanton lifestyle.

Why then should we consider farming sea turtles? Just because we have developed a taste for turtle stew? Why would we - who would not dream of barbecuing a pet dog far less a stray - imagine that we should enjoy the flesh of an animal - any animal - that takes years to become full-grown? Sure we evolved from hunters, but surely we can acknowledge that we have evolved, with the wits to take care of our dietary needs.

Let us therefore be content with chicken - the average KFC bird takes seven weeks; the occasional yard/ hard fowl six months; and the occasional turkey or muscovy duck, nine months. We can grow these in our backyards!

Let's let the wildlife be wild. They may yet save our planet; and bless human existence.


  1. I have to admit...I did dream about barbecuing my dog's legs for food. They looked really edible one day.

  2. How long do royal castle birds take to mature?

  3. Same as KFC, unless they are less efficient!