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Friday, April 16, 2010

Elections and the environment

The date for general elections has been announced: May 24.

While others debate whether a female prime minister; or whether Manning can release the party to reinvent itself with a better chance of continuing to form the government, I would like to know which party is going to help us to deal with our obvious and considerable over-consumption.

Who is going to impose a tax on plastic bottles?
Which is going to put in measures to reduce waste?
Who is going to ensure that we have sustainable ways to feed the poor, and everyone else?
Which party is going to be brave enough to promise and reward - not greater use of resources but less.

Sure our manufacturing sector is expected to survive, but who is challenging them to be innovative in product and packaging.

Instead of a few conscious citizens constantly trying to set good examples, why not the leadership that promises to make it possible for everyone to live a decent life - less waste, less conspicuous consumption (like streetlights on Saddle Road!) and measures that encourage people to not have so many cars on the road.

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