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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Loving Earth

On name days, we think about our relationship with the special person or being. It's easy to understand when the special person is mother or father, a hero or a saint, a father of the nation, an artist or great benefactor. Celebrating the lives of others helps us to define our humanity and expand the meaning of "love." 

How does one celebrate and love Earth - mother and father to every one alive today or who has ever lived? How should we love our mother-father Earth whose creatures - on land and in the ocean, in deep caves or creating life in hostile deep abysses or on the polar caps - are brothers and sisters?

Is it enough merely to live in the house and share in the feasts placed before us every day, expecting mother-father to provide forever? Is it right to believe that we - human beings, now almost seven billion, as widespread as many of the brother-sister species we despise (cockroaches, mosquitoes, viruses) - that we will inherit and have dominion over all? What will we inherit?

Today, let us think of how we love our mother-father Earth. Let us try to understand some of the infinite relations she-he has provided - through scientific and intellectual pursuit as well as with our hearts. Let us look at what our species has perpetrated on Earth - from the deepest jungles to how we have trashed the oceans - and begin to make the changes that we can: my garbage and my use of Earth energy (cars, electricity, air-conditioning, travel, even this computer). Let us commit to reducing consumption (every thing we buy, what we eat). Let us commit to re-use the things we already have. Let us advocate recycling - especially plastic.

Let's celebrate today's B'Earth day, and make every other day an Earth day.

Remember to think of the Earth as 70 percent ocean!

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