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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Raking leaves

What happens to the leaves that are raked up from the side of the road and put into giant plastic bags? Where do they go? Does anyone know that leaves are excellent compost material and should be re-cycled back into the earth under the trees from which they have fallen - or under some other trees?

Which brings me to the tons of trees felled, bamboo uprooted and half-burned trees lying at the side of the road - just waiting for the next heavy rains to roll everything into the river which will top the roadway.

Here's an idea: all that biomass could be slow burned in shallow or raised earth pits to be converted to bio-char (or charcoal as created in the traditional method). This bio-char is supposed to have useful properties in enriching soils. Slow burning in earth pits releases the least amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

A new business for some of us? Compost and bio-char anyone?
For your food gardens of course!

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