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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Arriving and Where we be

Yes, it's good to acknowledge that all of us in Trini-bago are arrivistes, ambitious self-seekers looking for a brighter way. Not just the Indians because it is being celebrated at the time of the year when the Fatal Rozack brought the first indentures from India across the Kalapani (black water - the Atlantic Ocean) to Chinidad. It's about time that we agree that individually and collectively, we are on a journey - a very exciting journey with souls we can only call brother or sister, nothing less. And every day, we are constantly arriving.

Look, we just reached a new phase in our maturity as a nation, choosing 29 unremarkable individuals (a pick up side, some say) to be our representatives in government, full well knowing that at least some of the responsibility remains ours.

Once we can agree that it is useful to take a day out of the year to contemplate where we be, and how we going, it makes a lot of sense. This could be the day that means all things to all people. Not a day to be caught in the frenzy of a ritual observance, not for feasting or fasting, but a day to be spent in quiet contemplation. We reach. Or, look where we reach! The journey not so bad after all, or it could be better, let's make it so. A day of hope and inspiration - a pause to breathe and take stock. The still point on the journey that will change us all.

At the personal level, it should be no different. So much happens in a life, however briefly or however long you have been around. At the end of the day, remember, it's not how much you did or did not do, but how much joy you brought into the lives of those you touched.

(Seems to me, a lot of people start off with a surfeit of joy that is squandered as they grow older...)

Arrival Day: a little  hot spot to count your blessings, take stock, time out, see where you reach, check where you heading.

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