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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet the People, Minister in the Ministry of the People

If I were...
Minister of the People, in the new administration of Trinidad and Tobago, I would want to "meet the people" that are the responsibility of this ministry. And the goal would be to define some common values and shared identity. These conversations could lead towards our "code of ethics."

With a brand new and electrifying proposition - "the People" matter - the people should be challenged to create a brand new charter about who we are and what we value. This would surely be able to provide the primary communications mechanism for a revitalised ministry.

Here's how to do it. Host meetings in villages, communities and business associations up and down Trinidad and Tobago - the more remote at the same time as the nearest. Let those organisations that already created their own codes of ethics talk about why they did, and what went into them. Create these sessions in units and departments and agencies of government as well. Extend the conversations into schools and universities. Have them facilitated and recorded. Allow all - or as many as possible - the people to speak.

What would we talk about?
Let's start with the traditional values that have made us a unique people. Let's discuss how we use them to underpin our aspirations, ambitions, and the way we wish to do business. The overarching objective would be to create a Code of Ethics for Trinidad and Tobago.

What are we looking for?
To re-invest value in our national watchwords, discipline, tolerance and production. Surely after a half century they mean more. Together we aspire, together we achieve. We would unearth many more value words, and words  indigenous to special communities - gayap, jahaaji, million man hours, safety, villages raising children, and so on.

This should be considered a worthwhile priority to be undertaken in the first six months of office. Let's have the Government Information Service record and televise and broadcast clips from the mouths of the people! What inspiration, what challenges, what grassroots wisdom would we find!

What a legacy for the People's Partnership!

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