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Friday, June 18, 2010

Talisman for joy

One of the things that distinguishes us, it seems to me, is the capacity - and an evolving ability at that - to see the big picture; and more than that to make the connection to the bigger picture even when looking at small things.

Look at a pebble or stone and you can make the link to the rock face (like the one on a Blanchisseuse bay that is the header for this blog). Look at the rock face and you can see the buckled layers that underlie the hills and valleys.

Through a microscope, we imagine that you might see, at the cellular or sub-atomic levels, things that behave like stars and galaxies. We already know that our bodies are composed of essential elements combined in chains that are the same or similar in every other being on earth alive now or that ever lived. We are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Between us and our main fossil fuels, the only difference is oxygen.

So don't think you are so different from a cockroach or a cobo, a sardine or a whale, a samaan or the moss growing on it. Seems to me we are not just parts of the web of life, but together with the multitude of mosquitos, icky fungi, slimy creepy crawlies as well as the most majestic sperm whales, zebras, parrots and eagles, we are the web of life (biodiversity is the new buzz word but web is so much more descriptive of the relationship). And to lose a part - however unnoticed at our scale - is to diminish the whole.

What's different from us are the other elements in the earth's crust. One of the most common of these is silica, the primary element in rocks of volcanic origin such as agates, a stone that has been used for centuries in jewellery and as a talisman for health, courage, prosperity and long life. It gets its (Greek) name from the river in Sicily where it was collected in abundance.

These are the things that come to mind in contemplation of this creation by the talented metalsmith Carolyn (, called Crazy Lace and Turquoise. How like the rock faces on our coasts is this frosty agate; how like the seething surf at Blanchisseuse; how like the Caribbean sky is this turquoise. Let it be a talisman of joy for the wearer.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with "And to lose a part - however unnoticed at our scale - is to diminish the whole."