Horizon at Sandy Point

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What wild?

What is this wild you are looking for?
In every day life - you know, the humdrum of work, eat, sleep, traffic, buildings - the unexpected true essence of something stops you in your tracks. Maybe it's a flowering tree,  a pair of green parrots flying over, the pigeon that bangs into the shatterproof glass of a tall building, the two small birds battling the hawk above the electric lines... But it's not just about the bird and plant life, these may be what's left of nature in our suburbs and cities.

You are talking about wild nature? Does it exist in society for instance?
Most certainly, it does. Perhaps the place that is most unexpected to find the wild is in human behaviour. So much of what we do is learned and habitual. What is expected of us, what we expect of others. There's not much room - or tolerance - for what may be considered unorthodox, even deviant, behaviour. The individuals who left homes on the other side of the earth to begin new lives in a small island. The couple who choose to live in the deep forest and raise their children there. The teenager who sails solo around the world. There may in fact be more wildness in civilized society than anywhere else.

What will you do with it?
Don't know yet. Record what I observe. Be a scientist of human behaviour? Write down all the stories I can find. That's a start.

(The dialogue will continue in this space.)

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