Horizon at Sandy Point

Friday, July 16, 2010

Healing hands

Four fingers and a thumb on each hand, released us from the earth to catch power from the air. Today, these connect us - our brains and our hearts - to each other and with or without technology, to the pulse of a universe with an expanding horizon. Bring your hands within touching distance of each other, but do not let the fingers touch. Feel the leap of electricity thumb to thumb, finger to finger, and the ball of energy that fills the space between your palms. Now try it with someone else.

I wrote the following as a meditation for self-healing and calm, after learning about, and experiencing reiki.

I close my eyes to see
the warm possibility
of calm channels
where anger rises unbidden
to choke the voice with bile and bitterness.

My hands over temples
help me to hear
undertones of singing earth.
And over the throat,
to release quiet assertion
that I am of the ocean, the universe.

My hands are not my own
But conduits
of energy brought from the air.

Our hands -  with touch or without touching
- enter the pulse and bloodbeat of each
and all.
We tune and synchronise
pitch and timing:
So like bells we chime clearly
vibrating with the song of the universe
the tones of each other.

In the rush of living, take time
to touch to calm to hear to understand
to access the pulse and heartbeat
the warm plasma, the glue
the conduits for re-calibration.
Take time to heal the self, and you can heal the world.

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