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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Geckos in my house

These geckos are really so bold face. There is a different family, or two or three, in every room of my house. Imagine I am on the toilet, and sense some thing or someone staring at me. Look up and there is the bathroom gecko hanging from the top of the door. The study gecko sits (sideways) at the top of the window. I think that there is a whole family living in the study. The small ones go in and out through the window. And the two caught in the compromising position were doing it on the wall near the computer.

They have no shame. Stay in the living room a little later than normal and the tv gecko which lives behind Indra's painting comes out to berate you. Kek-kek-keeee, he screams, it's my dinnertime! This is a big one with dark mottled spots. As you watch, the moth or grasshopper has no chance against this hungry stalker. Well, at least they clean up the other insects (except bees and wasps), and leave poop and wings under the couch or the middle of the floor.

Living on the edge of the rainforest suggests that they come into houses from the bush. But I think geckos make themselves very "at home" in human houses. They can walk across ceilings, across glass, wood or concrete, hang any way up or down on doors and windows, on any surface except Teflon. This amazing feature has a scientific name - van der Waals force created by spatula-tipped "setae" (hair or bristle) on the pads of their feet.
Shameless little buggers!

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  1. Yes, they are bold face! Your article reminded me of having friends from Canada come to stay with me, when we lived in the Santa Cruz Valley.

    I prepared for the guests, the usual- beds, and towels and all the comforts you would normally think of. After a good visit the evening they arrived, I went to bed, sure that all was well.

    The next morning, I met two tired, and slightly frightened young women! They very hesitantly told me that they were a bit concerned by these creatures that were on the ceiling. Apparently they were quite terrified of them, and had stayed awake most of the night!

    I had to explain that the geckos were ugly, but they were helpful. And that they were nothing to be afraid of. That the geckos wouldn't hurt them!

    My two Canadian friends eventually got used to the geckos, and eventually looked on them as their watchful friends!

    (something to keep in mind if you have vistors coming from 'away'! )