Horizon at Sandy Point

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Entry! Road closed 3pm to 7pm weekdays

This road is closed to those unfortunate enough not to live here!

Trust the bigshots in Fairways to not want any and everyone driving through their ritzy suburb! Since September 1 (so I was told) the main road through Fairways is closed between 3 and 7 pm, to everyone except residents of the area.

They don't have a shopping mall, a cinema, a market, or any particularly attractive houses far less any that are not behind five foot walls! There is a road, however, that helps to ease the traffic on the Saddle Road which is still the only road through Maraval: the only road from Port of Spain through the densely populated valley up to Perseverance, Maracas, Santa Cruz. The Fairways road already has a lot of humps so you can't go fast anyway. It is longer than the main road. And those who do use it from time to time, just want to get away from bumper to bumper driving once in a while.

The act of closing off the road - deliberately to prevent anyone from driving through their precious suburb - seems undemocratic and at some very visceral level, stingy and spiteful. Like thumbing their noses at people who don't live like them and therefore should have no choice but to suffer in the lead-laden lanes. Clearly, the ability to put guard huts at two ends of a long and winding street, and electronic automated barriers (for both lanes at both ends) and to have these checkpoints manned by uniformed guards who steadfastly insist on turning people back, speaks of wealth and power! I mean who would think to prevent motorists from making shortcuts through the residential streets of Woodbrook, or St James, or Barataria.

Is this about fighting criminal elements using the road in the peak of daytime traffic? No, it's a selfish act to frustrate already irritated motorists at the end of their working day. Was it advertised in the media ("The residents of Fairways wish to advise ...")? I didn't know that you could close off a public road by decree of the residents. So who lives there that is powerful enough to create their own system? And who would want to drive through there anyway, knowing that they are regarded as trespassers?

This is another symptom of the times and place in which we live that makes me want to retreat and become a recluse in some deep Northern Range valley! But whoever did that would  be sure to be followed by those who would want to close off the valley.


  1. They have been trying to achieve that end, since I was teaching at St. Andrew's School, more than 20 years ago. What an achievement, for 20 years of worry!

    I don't like to think (remember), what a paranoid world they live in.

    Think free, and drive in the heavy traffic, if that is all that is left, till protest and better can be done! They will choke themselves on their exclusivity!

  2. We shall bite our thumbs at them as they try to make their way out on the main road muahahaha!!! They can have all of fairways road for themselves if they would just keep off every other road... will hep ease the traffic too!