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Friday, October 1, 2010

Taking and giving advice

Have you noticed that people don't take advice? Even if it's the best in the world, and would help the situation. Unless they know you, you will be politely or utterly ignored.

It's like this. You've just met this woman at a function where they are serving shrimp. You refrain because you know you are allergic. She takes a handful - after all it's jumbo shrimp, and it's free! She says, you know I used to break out in blisters when I ate shellfish, but not so much anymore I just feel a slight itching sometimes, so I must be over it.

You say, you never get over allergies. The body just suppresses the reaction, and deals with it in different ways. From your own experience, you know the reactions that were once huge welts of mad blood, itchy throat and inflamed sinuses - in your childhood - moved to terrible dermatitis which lingered for almost a year, later on in life. But you can tell that your life story makes absolutely no impression on the woman who keeps scarfing the shrimp. Someone else says, that's what piriton is for; and it silences you.

Or the child you see playing in the street. When you slow down to say, please stay on the pavement, makes a monkey face at you and carries on. And you hope in your heart that God does indeed look out for fools.

Looking back, did I take advice? On average, maybe 50% of the time, and if I did, it was mainly because what was said might make me think: why are you saying this, what does it mean. Sometimes I didn't want advice, other times, even asking for advice, I went ahead and did exactly what I had intended - knowing the risk of course.

So we learn to live with the habits of people who should know better - it's not like you haven't said it a million times - and you accommodate those who are yet to grow into their wisdom. And you hope that even if you don't say the words, there might be something in how you live.

As Mrs Rutten says, everyone is doing the best they can! Yes!

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  1. I wonder if ignoring advice is related to destiny. I mean...if we took everyones advice all the time, would we still be carving our own path? Interesting blog to think about it!