Horizon at Sandy Point

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When fish fly!

The most beautiful koi I ever saw were in a pond in Kyoto. The memory is like an impressionist moving painting - all red and gold in the murky depths of a pool somewhere near a temple called "nightingale" because the wooden floors would sing when you walked on them. Nearby was a silk weaving factory where I bought a red and gold kimono in honour of the koi.
Koi pond at Kariwak Village

Vacations like that are so otherworldly in hindsight - and so many years after - that you wonder if they ever happened. How could that have been real? And, apart from indulging an appetite for the strange, the wild, the different, the plentiful, what are vacations good for? To say that I was there. That I saw the koi pond in Kyoto, the silk factory, the nightingale temple?

What difference does it make to this life? Was the vacation simply to make me feel better in myself for having had the experience? Was it to collect in my head thousands of kodachrome images so that I could talk about them, replay them as in some old art movie house? Alone in my head?
Among the ferns...

Fish do fly!

Vacation has never been a place of escape. It is instead a place of heightened awareness, of revelation, of understanding, of seeing "for real" what you may only ever have read about in a book or seen on a computer or television screen.

A vacation is a place to let your mind roam further than you ever thought it could!
Fish fly in the branches of the fern!


  1. So true words,... regarding vacation, the experience and what we see,....these are everlasting memories in our 'hardisk', and very difficult to delete...beautiful photos.

  2. Very insightful and certainly reminiscent of my brief sojourns to the underwater realm every year.
    Vacations accomplish so many goals... all to benefit our and those we touch lives'.
    Keep on sharing your warm and thoughful insights.