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Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas gifting

Christmas gifts, especially for those closest, become more and more challenging every year. You would like to give the moon and stars, but what your heart describes is just not available in any shop.

A friend once shared with me that she only gives what she is able to make. What a wonderful idea! And I think of all the things that I can make - cakes, ponche a crema, sorrel, ginger beer, and not just seasonal specialties, whole meals. So the year my house was being built, we prepared and served to the workmen on site, a full Christmas meal, ham, turkey, pastelles and all. But that won't impress the family I think - they expect such a meal, and more throughout the holidays.

I have started memory books - albums or scrapbooks with photos and writings - but always too late in the season to finish them properly. One year I did manage to prepare  hand-written books of favourite recipes for the now grown up boy and girl, with lots of blank places to fill in new favourites. Out of that, the blog was born, http://wildgirl-in the It's actually called Comfort Food, based on the comfort foods of my own childhood - my mother's meals that came to be associated with family and security.

This year, as the wind shifts and the days shorten, as the light filters from the south setting trees aglow, my mind turns again to what I have to give - from the heart. What you receive may this year seem like it required no thought. And yes, many will receive the usual - book, jeans, socks, bowls, toys, a bottle of something spirituous, hardly an exceptional treat. A few may receive something outlandish or extravagant - a rock or a handful of sand symbolising a place, a flowering plant, a photo of another land! Just know that all gifts are symbolic - warm intentions, imaginations, ciphers for what you most assuredly deserve!

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  1. I love all your gifts! But a home-cooked meal on christmas day when I step off that plane would probably be the best thing I could think of right now.... oh and dessert!