Horizon at Sandy Point

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dreaming or shopping?

Christmas, the end of the year - this is my favourite season. But I don't think I ever got the hang of Christmas shopping. I wander into the shops without a list, and spend the time drifting from aisle to aisle, daydreaming. Here's a typical example. Oh, wow, there's a lovely ginger and orange blossom scented candle. Smells wonderful. Now who would enjoy this? I think that I would enjoy it, and it goes into the basket.

Or this: I need a star and some new baubles for the Christmas tree. But there are no delicate glass icicles to match the ones I bought four years ago. Only some rather crass and over-glittered bells and giant metallic shapes. I think I am prepared to look around a bit more...

On the other hand, my friend goes briskly and efficiently to the task at hand. Her basket is already full of decorations, the skirt for the tree, runners, and gifts for some of her friends. I sigh and wonder if I am missing an essential gene.

I  have brought in my tree, and it is a fantastic tree with its own character. Branches that look like they are dancing. Birds have already tried to put a nest where the star should be - maybe I'll let them.

Decorating - like shopping - will take its own sweet time, as I try to prolong the good feelings of this season for dreaming and wishing.

My dream tree: some say it's wonky - to me it's dancing!


  1. The tree is beautiful... it really looks like a "senorita" with a full swirling skirt as she dances!

  2. Love the crazy tree! But love the deck and the view even better. Who needs a Christmas tree, when you are surrounded with that kind of scenery!