Horizon at Sandy Point

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Living for the light

First there's the fete across the valley pounding soca rhythms. When you think it should stop, there's the parang twanging like it's in your bedroom. And there's more - the old time calypsos now. And it is as if all the dogs in the neighbourhood couldn't wait for the party to stop before they create their own chorus of howls and woofs, piercing arfs and echoing barks. In the middle of cacaphony, some people can sleep. Others toss and wait for the silence. Me, I can sleep anytime anywhere, even standing up if I have to. But before the dawn is the time to be awake. From the cleft of a south facing hill slope, I watch for the light creeping through the mist. Maybe there's still the moon in the western sky, but it can't be seen through the fog. Only the light grows. A grey stillness waking the first parrots. Creeping dawn - everyday a new beginning! What wonderful promise awakens with this day?

The sun returns - this is Christmas every day!

Here's Rudolph in my tree - waiting for his moment on a dark dark night!

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  1. You live in one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.. such a mystical and wonderful place to enjoy the early morning light.. the awakening to a new day.. jouvay!