Horizon at Sandy Point

Monday, January 3, 2011

Born slow

New year already? I never can get it together to be in the new year when it starts. Sure, went through all the motions - wait for midnight, see the fireworks far across the valley, kiss kiss kiss kiss happy happy happy, good wishes on the lips, heart still wondering "what - another year, again, now starting,  start slowly... don't think of the ending... wishes and dreams!"

I think I was born slow. Or maybe acquired the more ponderous habit of waiting and seeing later in life. 2011 - supposed to be my year. But the Chinese Rabbit doesn't come in until February 3. So I will take my time. Slow down and watch the bush along the way. Try not to seem bovine alongside the rarin' to go year-starters! Not exactly a swift hare, more a cautious cat, stepping lightly into time.

Happy new year everyone! This is a year to enjoy the view.

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  1. I remember, when I was quite young, thinking something like this, about birthdays. Such a build up.. then a short moment.. and then another day.. much like the last one. A realization that, either all times were exciting or none was! I sort of feel that way about the New Year too. Don't know that it is slow.. or cautious..but I know what you mean!