Horizon at Sandy Point

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

words and more words

Forever as far as memory goes, I have loved words, the rhyme in a song, the cleverness in a joke or riddle; the bite of a calypso punch line; even the lyric on the lips of a limer. In primary school I gobbled up synonyms (words that mean the same); homonyms (words that sound the same) and antonyms (opposites). In the evenings I huddled to the radio to the sonorous voice of a programme called "voice of one, random thoughts about things in general." I copied the best quips, the quirkiest lines from "laughter the best medicine" and rhymes that could be found in Readers Digest. I kept copy books full of the lyrics of favourite songs. Later on, attempts at blank verse may actually have freed me from having to act out those teenage emotions; and yes, some words don't ever deserve to see the light of day, and were burned unceremoniously.

What I have learned - from hours of self-indulgence, in a world where happiness is a site called amazon; contentment a thousand page book that fits on a tablet in your pocket; and pleasure comes from writing away into an endless ether - are some things about excess and economy. Sometimes you have to say nothing at all. Sometimes a word or two are enough. Sometimes a word or two are way too much!


  1. Hey, I remember that "Voice of one" voice, deep and intriguing (and kind of scary)sounding... didn't know what the program was about though!