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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mountain high

Good thing we didn't head out to Brasso Seco in the evening with so much unseasonal rain over the Northern Range. We would have been on the road in the dark between crashing trees and falling rocks, sliding over water cascading like it was just another ledge. Next day, it was still drizzling between the sunshine. From Arima, the road was clear; the ascent cool and heady - all that oxygen in the rainforest. Damn the quarry-ers cutting down a whole mountain! Damn the christophene fields eating at the road edge - it will soon be a mule track if this continues. Pass Asa Wright she said, and take the next right turn. It was miles before there was an actual fork. Only the left was signposted. We assumed that right was the way.

 Primeval forest? Land of high woods and water! Looking towards Paria
Of course, we started to look for the church and the bar that were the heart of the village way too soon. Electricity crews were mending broken wires disconnected from a pole that still held up the fallen tree. We'd driven on tracks in the bush in Kenya - but Africa was dry at that time - so why not this mountain main road. Got to the church and a crazy intersection of roads and tracks - which way next? Fortunately our host arrived to lead us along the right one, a mile or two in the direction of Paria.

Our trek ended - almost three hours since we set out - on a hilltop at a tapia cocoa house, and a low shed thatched with terite - the kitchen. And so began 27 hours away from the world!
Where the road ends:cocoa house (centre); cooking shed (right); new cottage (left)
view through east window

west window view to dining hut
Star-gazing platform, back of the cocoa shed dormitory

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