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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Turning 60

The balance of the world has shifted. Not everyone is so old anymore. In fact there are now fewer "old" people - and I think I recognise most of them! That teacher from high school - she's bent and slow, I greet her, but I wonder if she's seeing me?

I read death notices - noting the passing of friends of my parents - and make a mental note to tell them except they are gone too; the parents of my friends - and I must remember to extend condolences. But friends whom I consider contemporaries are passing too, some lauded for terrific bodies of work - they will be missed. I console myself there are still enough of us - the energetic ones - for me to feel when I am around them like the world is still ours to own.

The world has grown smaller too, and people I knew in school are retiring or coming back home, popping up on facebook, networking an ideology that now seems old-fashioned a little too idealistic for modern living. If only we could have held it together - all that love and hope for peace and desire to make the world a better place - what wouldn't our societies be now?

We - who must have made our parents worry what with all that long hair, men wearing earrings, beads and no bras - have been manners-ed by our children. We may be glad they are not experimenting - free drugs, free love, free diseases - but the environment is more dangerous now; there are so many more people in the world; all anxiously striving for their own piece of the earth. The kids worry about us now, wandering with rose-tinted glasses or eyes closed in a brave new world. Will there ever be enough to go round?

The music I listen to - except the Beatles of course, they are so classic as to be forever young - is considered "back in times."  I know what "ol mas" is, and knew when Sparrow sang "I never eat a white meat yet" just how risque he was. Now, the Birdie has to sit down between sets. Even David Rudder has a little grey in his hair. Only Machel is in his prime - and I was big already when his diaper was falling off.

Yes, it's time to re-think our place when colleagues and peers (who could be our own children) look to us for advice which we are not sure about, for experience that seemed more like turns along the road than lessons to be learned. It's all gone so fast!

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