Horizon at Sandy Point

Sunday, March 6, 2011

All-Rounder go dong!

OMG! What's that getup for All Rounder at Soca Monarch? Someone said "history in the making"? I say pappyshow. Who mek 'im believe dat he's a sexy ting?

Look at de ole ting wid he skinny ass self in ah gold satin pants and ventilated (slash de fabric!) jacket! Coulda be worse, he coulda be in a skin-colour speedo! And how dat gold Elvis muff-mohawk (muskrat you say?) staying plastered to his shave picky head - an architectural wonder!

Is it to show that he too (at 71!) can "go dong go dong wuk up wuk up wuk up?" Kitchener (yes, the late great Grandmaster himself) also "went down" on a winer girl in performance on the Savannah stage! Not his best, or even most memorable, performance!

Looking at All Rounder, people laugh til dey wet! All Rounder humping de ground with he front wine; he back wine, neck wine, over and under his harem of winer girls! How come we admire the youthman doing this - Machel or Kes - but take it as comedy when the ole guy shows off:

Is he the most clever of all - spoofing the perennial senior male sex fantasy? Wine and go dong boy! Take de body wine!

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