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Friday, March 11, 2011

Krishna's dream

A golden dream - marigolds at footprints
If I could distance myself from the world for a month, I might choose footprints on Tobago. Located on an old cocoa estate, the property sprawls in a narrow valley between Culloden village on the way to Golden Lane, and the rocky coast with a shallow living reef at Culloden bay. Its footprint is 62 acres of undulating land, part of which has been cleared for the centre of the resort. Here, you'll find an open sunny park sloping to the sea, with pools for soaking, swimming or wading; the cocoa house reception area; bar and restaurant; and butterfly gardens. Your room could be in one of two locations here  - overlooking the bay; or looking across the butterfly gardens. But the preferred place for solitude must certainly be in one of two self-contained villas hidden in the bush.

Expansive cocoa house used for reception and dining, weddings and birthdays

We first stayed here almost 15 years ago at the invitation of Dr Krishna Persad, the dreamer dreaming footprints into being. A geologist by training and profession, Krishna's creative streak made him a writer of science fiction, a naturalist painter (original work hangs in many of the rooms), an ecologist, and an adventurer - he was the first local to set up an independent oil company. His dream for footprints now includes an arboretum of native trees; and perhaps the re-introduction of cocoa.
Explaining footprints, Dr Krishna Persad

Living footprints, Mia Persad-Douglas
If footprints has the feel of a family estate opened up to special guests, it's run by Mia, Krishna's eldest, who lives in Tobago, raising three sons. Krishna and the rest of the family commute from home in Trinidad.
Rooms sided with teak off-cuts
Plunge pool and outdoor dining - view from Queen Shell suite

Capturing the essence of Tobago, footprints is a place apart, like a dream on the horizon of all our everyday working lives.
The reef at Culloden

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