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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday as Earth Day

Today we have the opportunity to consider both the sacrifice of Christ, and changes wrought by human "sin" on the enduring earth.

While I don't actually believe in "sin" - at least not in the traditional way - I do believe in consequences. The human earth today is the result of the migration, evolution and development of a particular species; an event set in train over 60,000 years ago as the scientists tell us. Judao-Christian mythology cites the "fall of man" and our expulsion from Eden as a fall from grace, into self-consciousness, even self-disgust, knowledge and self-determination.

Upon whichever system you choose to rest your being, we all need to acknowledge a few certainties. The rise of humans has spelled death for others - among them species of lion, pigeon, turtle, wolf, frog, whale and the Caribbean Monk Seal. You can find the list of those that we know about here:
You will also find the much longer list of animals that are endangered in the same place. Among these elephants, monkeys, deer, birds, fish, plants and marine life. And these are what we know about.

The question today therefore: Are humans on an irreversible path? Do we yet have - not just the intelligence -but the spirit to bring about change for balance on the earth.  Have we reached the level of consciousness to create the collective transformation, the mind shift that has been foretold by others - the Hopi, the Mayans, even Nostradamus.

This is what Christ died for. This is what the Buddha meditated on. It is what Shiva danced into being. What all systems of human ethics, morailty and the "middle way" have alluded to.

So good Friday, or earth day, lift your spirit to the "noosphere" and create "peace on earth."

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