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Monday, October 17, 2011

Yikes! It's Skype!

The wonder of modern technology. It so easily takes you where your mind wants to go.

A generation ago, school in the Blue ridge Parkway was like going to the moon. Contact with home sporadic at best. The occasional - once a month - dutiful phone call on a Sunday evening was no lifeline. The knock on a dorm room door summoning you to the phone booth halfway down a long hall.
Hello! Hello? Hello?
My Mom on the line. Prosaic news, or maybe no news...
Where to start to connect to read slow silence?
How to convey news no longer new? Exams passed or near misses?
The car crash that sent you to hospital for five hours, and a lump on the forehead that seeped to the eyes, making you look like the raccoon by Christmas. I am fine ... now.
On the highway next to semi trucks, walking for the sake of going somewhere. Went to the mall.
The chill of shorter days, the taste of snow and shivering in a thin raincoat. Yes, I am warm enough.
College life to people who had not gone beyond secondary school. I'll write. Letters were better.
I know now it wasn't about events, or what was in my head. She just wanted to hear my voice.

We used to send our children to the ends of the earth for better education, unafraid or innocent of the great gulfs forming between childhood and distances to go before you sleep. Was this wandering destiny coded in the genes from ancestors who travelled across worlds to find home. Distances are always there, miles, habits, lifestyle, time zones, needs, wants, friendship, hurts, dreams. But always, the yearning to connect.

So Facebook, yes. Email too! Instant texts on cell phones, Blackberry bbm. I am all for connecting every which way. Bring them on!

News now? What news? Just wanted to hear your voice, see your face!

London to Tobago

A lab in Amsterdam too!

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