Horizon at Sandy Point

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas choices

It's the day before the day before Christmas - the day called by some clever quipsters Christmas Adam (before Eve!) It's my best time of day - dark lightening to dawn - in the best season of the year. This morning, the rain of the last three days has held up. My lost dog has come home. There's a whisper of breeze stirring the trees. And I think of the early Christians and others inventing hope in the time when the sun was lowest on the horizon in the northern hemisphere, when the winter chill was setting in and the worst winter storms were still to come. Hope lived in the extra few degrees of sunlight returning to earth - across 93 million miles! - after the winter solstice (December 21). It is thought that December 25 was the first day that this "return of the sun" becomes discernible, and by "new year's" the winter sleep is almost certainly over.

But for this moment, let us warm ourselves around the fire of our dreams. Gather close the circle of friends and be merry!

I've found that as many persons dislike this season as those who embrace it. Families who have lost loved ones grow grimmer as the season advances - as if it was Christmas' fault. Families whose men are festive drinkers dread the holidays that give licence for excess in the name of goodwill. And there's the frenzied shopping and house cleaning, the gifting and feting, the traffic and the overspending, the materialism that turns so many away; even as the ever-righteous cling to their dogmas.

It all eventually ends in anti-climax - the litter under the dying tree, too much eaten, too much drunk, things to return to the shop. Like the monkey that was bought from a smart man as one year's gift - two days later, the owner drove by, whistled, monkey leapt through the open window of the car and that was that! That could be the story of Christmas but we can choose where to put our faith.

We choose the tree because it reminds us of evergreen life - going through cycles that look like decay that look like death, but it's life returning, constantly resurging.

We choose the lights because true light never goes out. It's the sun and the day and our love in many different forms flickering and hiding in embers but always warm.

We choose gifts because we are thinking of someone else's pleasure, we are thinking beyond ourselves.

We choose celebrations because we are not alone, we crave community and fellowship, warm hugs and warmer hearts.

Let us always choose goodwill and good deeds - not only at Christmas! Whether we believe or not, we can all benefit from behaving as if we do!


  1. Nice christmas tree. Nice post...I think we are all made of goodness and capable of goodwill and good deeds just sometimes we don't recognize it or try to see it. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for your sagacious words and reminding me about seeing the good in all the chaos. You have always been and will always positive force to us all.