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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Malibu: call of the sea

We drive north from Santa Monica along the Pacific highway to Malibu. The glamorous stretch of Pacific beachfront popularised by so many Hollywood movies. Oh to have a home on the edge of this wonderful seashore. Spanglish featured such a home - with the beach as the backyard, intimately close even at night.
An ark for a home on Malibu hilltop!
On the cliffs above the highway, more fabulous hillside homes. The bluffs are sand-coloured, with timber barriers and metal nets to hold back landslips. Do people think about tsunamis on the edge of this mighty ocean?

The Pacific is cold but tolerable to gulls and would be surfers. There are no waves today, no surfing, but paddlers walking on water. For a January day, it is warm but windy. Blue sky arcs over all. The appeal of the sea is undeniable - for those who would live here, and the many who drive daily to sit and stare, to relax and rest. Does anyone work here?
For serious surfers only!
Malibu Pier

Is it really so easy to walk out on the ocean?
Looking out for surfers
Paddlers, walking on water

The Adamson House is one of the oldest on Malibu. Built in a Mediterranean style, this house over a century old, is decorated with ceramic tiles made in the area. Salt water from the sea was suctioned under the sand and filtered for the swimming pool. Only since 1971 was it made a freshwater pool.

Quintessential Malibu home


Fountain feature

Crest in tile

Swimming cottage

Outside bathtub

Wall features natural stones and ceramic tile accents

Yard mosaic

We go inland along Topanga Canyon to see a different landscape, but island people that we are, the sea soon calls us back.

Catalina Island on the horizon from Malibu
(Photos for today's post were taken by Anjani.)

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