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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eumundi on Wednesday

Little girls' fairy fantasies are alive and well in south Queensland Australia. Among the wild and often weird styles, we sometimes spotted a tiny tutu-ed tot skipping alongside mother or big sister. And there was a whole tent full of tutus in the Eumundi market. Started some 30+ years ago with a few stalls and half a dozen shoppers, it has grown to over 300 shops with sellers and visitors from Noosa and as far as Brisbane. The market is open on Saturday and Wednesday every week.
Where are all the little dancers?

Entrance to a second tier of shops

Birds for sale

We were specifically in search of things "made in Australia." There was a definite leaning towards clothing with labels that fudged "designed in Australia" and "made in China" among a wide variety of casual or cotton clothing. We found a Trini who has been living in Oz for 44 years whose daughter sells Parisian street fashion. And there was a fair trade shop selling craft from Africa, India and tribal peoples.

We did find some excellent authentic Australian products: a delicious ginger beer; scrumptious brownies with homegrown Macadamias (do you know that Macadamias originated in Oz?) which were also available roasted, salted, sugared, seasoned and in fudge; and a Powerlance kitchen gadget for peeling, shredding, slicing vegetables and cheese.

The glass bead jeweller started making Murano glass beads just a few years ago. He went to Italy to learn glass blowing techniques and now includes a line of hollow decorated beads. His Kin Kin beads ( are named for the nearby town where he lives.
Bigger beads are hollow.

Rob Fleming, Kin Kin Beads
Kin Kin glass heart

The potter from whom we bought a pot spoon holder and egg cup is also a bee-keeper. He told us that Australian bees are now under threat from an imported beetle that lives in the flowers and which are now widespread in many areas (a live reason for restrictions against any food or produce brought intentionally or accidentally into the country).
Egg cup

Potspoon holder

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