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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hollywood and all that jazz!

Much as I love movies and appreciate the vision, talent and sheer determination and hard work it takes to bring movies to the screen, I never had any desire to see the actors, directors, editors or writers up close. Content to admire their work on the silver screen, or even bad television screens, I do enjoy reading the stories of the stars. I have pored over magazines telling all the details of the lives of my favourites since I started being moved by movies. And that's a long time ago.
California palms line Hollywood boulevards

Looks like a Hollywood set?

So, I was in two minds about the opportunity to visit Hollywood. For one thing, I knew I would be nowhere near any movie stars in the flesh. And what would I say if I actually bounced up Merryl Streep or Bruce Willis or Will Smith in person even though there's so much I might actually want to know about their private lives!

I am also loathe to be part of a fan pack. And perhaps that would be my reaction if I were in a place where Johnny Depp actually showed up - "Aaahhh! Ooooohhh!" That is if I actually managed to recognise him.

Judging from their hand and foot prints, some are larger than life. Others - especially the women, judging from the tiny prints - must have been truly petite.

But we were in the area, so why waste the chance to see one of Hollywood's prime attractions, the Grauman's Chinese Theatre and to walk on the avenue of the stars. So here are our mementos. Ironic too that by the time we got back to Santa Monica, the Screen Actors Guild Awards were being shown live on television. It seemed a natural thing to be watching - in Hollywood.

We were there! In front Grauman's

Yipee ki yay! Bruce Willis's immortal message

Costumed characters hamming it up for tips

Matching Merryl's hands

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  1. WOW!!! you celebrities were there among the stars ....lovely photos!!