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Friday, February 10, 2012

Kookie kookaburra

Crows (ravens?) followed us all around Santa Monica.
Their raucous “caw caw caw” was a continuous conversation carried on overhead. Imagine our surprise to hear crows calls in Brisbane, just out of sight.
Crow caught in mid flight

One of the first birds to greet us in the Brisbane mall was the ibis. Some of these birds have migrated from the marshlands to the streets of Brisbane to forage for food, mainly scraps from visitors who haven’t yet read the cautions about feeding the birds and affecting their ability to survive in the wild. Well, the streets are so much richer for birds willing to brave the throngs of people.
Kookie as we named him snatched at our bread

On our trek to JC Slaughter Falls in the Mt Coot-tha Park, we paused for lunch in the deserted picnic park. Before we unpacked sandwiches, the park residents joined us, jostling each other for prime perches from which to eye our bread. From an overhead branch, the kookaburra (Australian national bird with the most ridiculous rising laugh) swooped down. His beak is large and hard, but he didn’t get away with more than a piece of the bread. The wild turkeys got crumbs.

Ibis in the mall

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree!

Wild turkey foraging for crumbs

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