Horizon at Sandy Point

Friday, April 20, 2012

It is human to ...

Thoughts of those incarcerated for killing someone #1

The woman, little more than a child, ill-equipped to take care of herself. Did she strike at the child in rage, at emptiness, at a short life so unfulfilled for so long, curtailed by a child. Now the little one is gone - a crime heinous to humans, murder by the mother. What must she be thinking, feeling?

I'se big woman, 20 yuh know. I have big belly an chile since I'se 18. Long time I know how to look nice and be wit a man. Ent have nutten, buh ah know how to make man want me, how to get a chile. Buh dis chile is sumting else again, dis chile, she only bawling she hungry. I hungry too, what about me me what about me. I hungry too, hungry for a life, hungry for nice tings clothes and coloured hair not diapers and shit and bawling mammy mammy mammy. She have pain in she belly. I gie she pain to kill pain. Dem who callin me murderer, dey know what it is to be so hungry is a pain? Is sorry I sorry I kill she. Ah din mean fuh she to dead. Is only to kill de pain ah beat she in she belly. Ah sorry sorry sorry. I'se not a murderer. Jus hungry too and nutten cyah fill mih belly, no man no chile not even blows. So you feelin sorry for she buh look me still here to ketch. She gone and dat is ah ease for me. I still here wit dis pain, not sorry for she any more. Sorry for me sorry sorry sorry sorry

I don't know what I expect to find in this kind of introspection...

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