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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some reflections from retirement

Maracas on a Wednesday!
For forty years, I've worked outside the home. In hindsight, I don't believe the work mattered as much as   the way it has shaped me, what I made of it. That it provided an income for the family, and allowed me to interact with and influence some people was significant only to me. And at the end of the day, memories accrue from  the people who were there with me. Pat's passage - with episodes in publishing, advertising, government, national airline, banking, political party, media and energy - is a particular bunch of people whose lives remain entwined in mine.

Somethings I have learned. From the newspaper: how to read a newspaper in ten minutes - to gather the information useful to me; dipping deeper in some stories, checking ads, seeing the flow not just day to day but paper to paper, paper to tv to radio to facebook. Seeing the people behind the stories and understanding they have lives too - which they bring to their jobs.

From the airline: how much it takes, in people time effort technology, to put and keep a plane load of people in the air, how much we take for granted in a transportation system that defies gravity!

From the government ministry: how like a ministry is the country - the hierarchy of power stratifications entitlements, how resistant it is to change creativity initiative innovation. so easy just to sink into the system and go with the flow.

From publishing: everyone can be an author but publishing is a craft that applies collective collaborative thinking to polish an individual effort. If you want to be an author, make sure you have an honest publisher.

From banking: money is the commodity not a value system; and like any other company, a bank runs on the values of the people who work there.

From energy: who gets the gold expects to rule the world.

In general, good humour is hard to find; mostly you have to bring it with you, and use that to tickle it out of others. That even if the kids made you late, the dog was sick and the car wouldn't start, it's better to bring a joke to the workplace than a sour face.

I still wake up at the crack of dawn. It's always been the most pleasurable time of day - that hour when the dark turns to grey and the sun slants through the green hill. That hour of seeing the world new again. That hour in which walking the dog now runs me into the day.

Keeping each other fit!

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