Horizon at Sandy Point

Friday, September 14, 2012

Comfort in Nature

Cocooned in the morning mist which obscures the rest of the village and valley where we live!

Our friendly cobo in rain!

Are you ever disgusted and depressed by the bombardment of events and opinion that pass for news and box us in? I am often confused by the hysterical pitch to which issues are taken, driving the most pernicious mob mentality. It seems there's no room left for the middle of the roader, the mild mannered, or the meek (who should indeed be inheriting the earth).

It seems there's no "private" place any more. Retreat, if you can, into the mind. And choose, if you will, to not engage the mob, to withhold opinion when all around you is nothing but ...

Today, I share the "mists of Santa Cruz" and our very friendly cobos, about whom reams could be written and even performed. (Thanks Johnny Stollmeyer who first opened my eyes to the magnificence of these birds).

And thanks too to Mark Meredith, whose blog ( about New Zealand landscapes, has inspired and endorsed my own escapes into nature.

This is the view over which our cobos look!

We are not actually that far from the village, even though the views and sounds of nature are all around

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