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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Heart of a King

So it has come to this. It's an allegory for our times, with all the elements of Greek drama, pathos, hubris and an expectation of catharsis, an ending in doom or resolution that will make it tragedy or comedy.

The Prime Minister is the stoic, just and unbending protagonist with the power of life and death in her hands. King Lear Madam? The Citizen is picture perfect powerlessness - with the only remaining tools of the powerless, his voice, his body, his blood, his silence.

The story is no longer about right and wrong, authoritarian justice and the plea of the lowly. It has transcended the political and temporal arena, to the universal. The tale now hangs - as Lear did - on our interconnectedness, compassion, and love.

At this point in the tale, the fate of Citizen is already determined, and might only be changed by the Madam King. Indeed she holds all the cards with four distinct pathways to choose from in order to produce the outcome, and to create the transformation that we are waiting for.

She can let him die and pretend that he never was. This of course is the least satisfying, and will show her as a character that may be interpreted as lazy, arrogant, without pity, taking the line of least resistance.

She can be gracious and allow the independent review. Of course, the advisors and publicists will have to find the way to spin this. But wot-da-hell is wrong with a change of heart that says I cannot let a Citizen die over a highway, it's against my motherhood, my religion, my karma.

She can wait til he dies and have the independent review thrust upon her, or whoever happens to be in government over the next decade. And maybe the tale becomes serialised because the people of south want this highway - that they have been promised over a generation ago - so bad, but at what cost.
Why not simplify? Let's have the main highway by all means, and why not upgrade secondary roads through all those picturesque towns.

Well I said four paths to the outcome. The fourth is the option that makes this the best drama ever. It is the surprise happy resolution that only the one with the power can provide through her own imagination. It is the path that she chooses that will bring about her state of transcendence and glory. Citizen is already in his transcendent moment.

This is not the first encounter between the Ruler and the Beggar. We all know how they have ended in the past. "In robe and crown, the king stepped down..."

All the best stories have turned on the change of heart, even those that were tragedies. And in the end, the heart, it's all that matters.

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