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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ajoupa Gardens (a photo story)

We are in December and the rains are still coming down bucket a drop. We are so green - the earth trying to heal us in spite of ourselves. Our pre-Christmas visit to Ajoupa Pottery in Chickland found the gardens moist and rainforesty. To have created a garden from a clay hill in 20 years must be Ajoupa's greatest achievement, running just ahead of the free handed free form clay art pieces that now blossom from Bunty's fingers. It is well worth a visit, though you may have to wait until January as the studio is closing for Christmas. (The first Raku course is scheduled for January 13 and 20, yes Sundays.)

Enter the gardens for green solitude:

Mother Earth welcomes you to the Ajoupa Gardens

Clay pots by Bunty are decorative and functional

The Ajoupa house, over 150 years, on a clay hill in the Central range.
Look north from here to the Northern range, blue green in the distance.

A wall of foliage ablaze at sunset

And a pathway into green solitude

And from the Open Studio, decorative and utilitarian, objects of joy and mischievous contemplation:

Sconce with squirrels refers to the babies
 nurtured by Bunty

... with squirrels in her hair

The Joker - recognise him anyone?
In Dante's Hell, the lovers were locked, facing each other, for eternity.
This couple facing the world together will surely have a happier fate!

Without a paddle - we are all in the same boat!

T-shirt and underpants - TT's dirty laundry - can be made clean again!

In her web of life, the little mermaid

Thank you, Ajoupa, for this green and fertile hill.

Barefoot Bunty picking flowers in Ajoupa's garden

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