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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Moments from a wedding weekend

What's life but a sequence of moments, some memorable but many simply settling to the floor of the mind, lurking to rise when called. The best weekends are made of many moments - some mere sensory flickers to pass over; others that catch and spark in the quiet soul.  Here are a few from mid May 2013, to be known as the mothers day wedding weekend.

Travel is tiring: even one short international flight. That the wheelchair route through one of the largest international airports could be invigorating! Where is she going? The petite hispanic attendant points with her mouth when it looked like the travel companion was wandering away.  A shorter domestic flight. Then the midnight cab ride - longer than the last flight - to a cottage on the Georgia coast at Sea Island. Loving hugs from two sleepy girls complete this memory.

Roses at the front
Wake to the light creeping down from the tops of the tallest pines and palms. Here are other frames for this waking moment: the flaming rose bush behind the glass door; wet grass rising up to a crest; a dark beach exposed at low tide; the placid ocean surging below.

The weekend house
This beach house sits low on its lot. The palms and pines tower above. It's the least of the grand plantation mansions that evoke the old South, spreading trees festooned with old man's beard.
"Best dog" for the bridal party

Dogs don't speak. It's likely the only thing that separates them from us. Their exuberance matches ours when we are happy. They too like quiet comfort, and to snuggle near a body they love. The groom's golden lab pitbull is no exception. She romps and runs like a puppy. Run run run, she stumbles for an instant, rises and runs some more, even though one foreleg is gimpy. She's learned a new trick, someone shouts, to run on three legs! Oh no, someone will kill us if she has to limp in the procession. But dogs can do something else we have unlearned, and that is heal themselves - with a little help from acupressure.

At low tide, the beach draws you. Walk, ride or run for miles. Large globes of jellyfish are dying on the beach. The helmet crab is another victim. Round the boulders some putrid smell rises. Eeewww, stinks like a body! Look over here, she says. The scream is sudden and rising, chills to the bone. Wedged in the boulders is a body. A turtle on its back, its eyeball round, beak open rigid, foul and unfair death. It must have been there for over a week. The screamer says she had a flash of human remains, police, coroner, witness, delays. Never a dull moment, the beach!

No better place to relax than the beach

No presents said the bride, just your presence. Instead, tears are shed - of joy - over love tokens that come with stories and blessings for the good marriage. The jade butterfly for the mandarin's daughter. Crystal hummingbird tells of the meeting in Trinidad. A Gnome, Nordic symbol to ward off trolls. The mezuzah (Jewish prayer scroll) in its decorated box to bless the threshold. A menagerie of Lladro - frog,  elephant, cupid, panda. And from the rabbi's wife, a sexy apron, clean up gloves, a cookbook and underwear. Celtic knots. Finally, a reproduction of Gustav Klimt's Fulfillment gilded painting.

Cousins are everywhere. The supporting cast in all the weekend festivities: making light of every task. But a professional chef makes a lot of difference - moist juicy burgers, ribs and chicken done to a turn - and pulls the casual barbecue meal together.

Chef Jason kept the grill firing!

Chilling at the barbecue

The day of ceremony begins. The bride and her party are kept apart from the groom and his. The Jewish marriage contract is read and signed. Everyone gathers to witness the knitting together of two families along the single seam of this boy and this girl. It is a confluence also witnessed in other lands - thanks to modern technology.

Littlest cousin Grace

A cousin helps with long distance congrats
Just married
Maid of Honor and Best Dog
Cousins at the fete!
If all goes a little crazy in the end, well, that too makes a memory.

No presents, the bride said, but everyone brought something. Best mangoes from a brother's tree, sweet as young love and full of sunshine.
Sweet as young love, full of sunshine

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