Horizon at Sandy Point

Sunday, February 9, 2014

chilling in the frozen north

They say this must be one of the worst winters in the northern hemisphere. Polar vortices (plural of vortex right?) bringing icy blasts nuff to make toes fall off and de peckers freeze. So wha' de arse I freezing my balls off in a region avec les deux Alpes, way out of my comfort zone.

The point of travelling is to go out of your comfort zone, not so?

Well, if others could stand the cold in Sochi, why not me?

So, anyway, here are the first photos of the land of snow and icicles, taken by the intrepid Ranji from the tropic isle of Trinidad.

Where I got off the train: desolate winterscape in the centre of France
The road was recently cleared by a snow plow

Water frozen mid fall

Are they related, these two?
Back to the warmth of the cabin in Pontis, from where we can look out to the snow.

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