Horizon at Sandy Point

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mountains of the Moon

This is the view outside the house in Pontis France - I use this as a reference point.

This is what the house looks like after the snowstorm

This is the man I met in the lane who said he knows my father!

Today we trekked across snowscapes that looked like the Mountains of the Moon. What Indra calls Alpes de Hautes Provence. Felt like we were walking forever into nowhere, no landmarks except a bit more snow, a bit higher snow, a snow depression, a valley of snow and trodden snow.

Incredible landscape. We were high up beautiful sunshine not cold at all. Pierre kept us on the move. He's a great guide. He pointed to every mountain that he climbed (laugh). Many of them with  Kiran  since he was the age of ten or so. Well, this old man  from the islands kept up with him all the way we went.
Pierre our guide and pace-setter

Me on the left with my moon boots, perfect for not sliding on snow.

Choose a direction and trek! We must have covered miles in a few hours.

It's a snow festival. Everbody's out, as if this were a day at Maracas!

 (The blog has been given over to the mistah who is now holidaying in France. We'll follow his adventures for the next couple weeks.)

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