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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oddments from the French side

This is the continuing saga of the other in France. Never a dull moment. It's a drama to get out of Draguignan; and then another in CDG (the stop at Charles de Gaulle airport which is the most convenient to Crillon). Let's call this Dramas from Draguignan to Crillon!

Here's this nice restaurant L'Oree du Bois the parents took me to. Very elegant food. Best of all was the Valentine's greeting!
Leaving the house
Chez l'Oree du Bois

Ice cream hidden in there somewhere!

Fancy dancy

Tres elegant!

Best message of the day!
On the day I am leaving to Crillon:
Bad start! Came downstairs at 6 am, saw Mom already in kitchen. I say great. Had coffee, went up to finish packing. 9am ready to go for train at 10.30.
Dad comes out, are you leaving today?
Yes Dad, where is Mom?
Sleeping. Ok, I'll drop you.
Mom fly out her room, No, no, I'll drop you. Thought it was tomorrow you leaving.

Half hour to get to station! Never see Mom drive like dat, break every law. Made it with five minutes to spare. I coulda ded.

Then six hours on the train opposite a musician who has been to Tobago for a jazz festival. He had a great time and now wants to go back. No time to give his address - all a sudden he fly off at the next stop like he nearly missed it.
This musician performed at Tobago Jazz - we met on the train!
 Then two hours searching for Indra's car in the parking lot. Maybe she thought someone stole it. She even asked the carpark attendant who came out to suggest we try the other side! And you remember when I couldn't find the rented car that I came to the airport in to pick you all up - when Orion was four and Anjani two. Well, my case wasn't dat bad. One hour then, two hours now

Diego le dog avec le chat - if is not dog chasing cat, is cat chasing dog!

Well, since I got here, is rain rain rain in Crillon. Indra working upstairs so I don't dare make mistakes and have to disturb. She already come dong twice. Doh feel like going nowhere today. I'll read my book, Pao, sitting in front de fire. Give Sox a hug! Let me press "send" and see if it works.

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