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Monday, February 24, 2014

Paris: a passing parade

Took the train to Gare de Nord, Paris. Knew I was getting in early. My sister Vidia not going to be home til late in the evening. So I could walk in places that I remember well.
Notre Dame de Paris
Pont Neuf: construction started in 1578, it is the oldest standing bridge across the Seine

Four hours to kill: went  to St Michel near Notre Dame to take photos.  Walk to my pub Bistro 27: ferme!  not open til 3 bullshitmerde...   Walk along river side shoot more photos. Walk up rue St. Denis ... rue de putes, putes not there. Passed Les Halles, did not dare go inside.
Les bouquinistes de Paris

You can see the turrets of the Conciergerie across the river

This building looks like it was recently cleaned up. La Conciergerie is a former royal palace and prison.
Cards and mini-posters

Browsed les bouquinistes: maybe look for a present. They chased me away, no photos allowed they said.
Bistro 27: ferme jusqu'a trois heures

Not been in Paris for maybe 20 years, and the streets are the same. I could find my way around without thinking. As a student here, Paris was a playground: subject and backdrop for university projects. On honeymoon, the city of lights. To visit now in winter, I'm just passing through to see my sister.

Fontaine du Palmier in Place du Chatelet, once a fortress to protect Paris. La Theatre de la Ville on the right and Saint Jacques tower in the middle.

Even on cold days, it's nice to sit outside

Bundled up for life on the street

Special Forces?

A place to get warm ...

And eat something... I must be getting hungry



At last, my sister Vidia! She prepared a wonderful meal for us. (I was getting hungry!) You can see her paintings - works in progress - in her sitting room.
Ma soeur Vidia
Vidia's art works in her sitting room
I didn't miss the bateau mouche

Paris needs some sunshine!

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  1. This makes me so nostalgic for my youth. I lived on Quai St. Michel and walked up Boulemiche to my classes at the Sorbonne. Thank you Pat for sharing this with me. btw. Marie Antoinette was imprisoned in La Conciegerie.