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Friday, March 21, 2014

Draguignan: at home in France

(From the mistah wrapping up his time in France!)

Going back to the parents' house was both strange, and like coming home. Both a comfortable space but so foreign. I longed for the familiarity of warm days, the routine of driving in a green valley and the habits of perpetual t-shirt weather.

This does not mean that I am not grateful for the experiences. Different sights, colder weather. Different pace, more regulated - buses, trains, planes, highways - but also less inhibiting, free of responsibility. I couldn't be late for anything. Most of all though, I am grateful for the chance to re-connect with family: parents, sisters. They still regard me in the way that they have for 60 years; there's comfort in that, but un-ease too. But that's family; and probably the best place to have alone time.

So here are some missing links in my travels, and a couple connections to the past: my parents' parents.

Looking out of my room in Draguignan: vast sky and far mountains

Draguignan: hill country with pretty houses

House seen on my walk up the hill

Quite luxurious residences

House on the hill

My parents backyard pool, covered over for winter

Touch of the weather: hailstones like big marbles!

And crocuses that come up every year since they were planted
Day trip to San Raphael

Adrienne and Khanta in San Raphael
Adrienne's mother: in Jouy-en-Josas, south east Versaille, France; no photos found for Adrienne's father

Khanta's father

Khanta's mother
First Christmas in Trinidad for Adrienne, 1950:  with her sister-in-law, Khanta’s brother, father and mother, and three nieces
And our generation: that's me left on the second row down

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