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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Eye over London

I want to go in that! The one place that I wanted to visit in London. And never got a chance to. There was one in Manchester too, and I was denied. Well. this was my treat on the way back through London! So while Trinis were wining up falling dong nasty and muddy, I was high high way above London. Here are the views from up there. Rainy cold bad weather, but no matter, I got my wish. See my views from the Eye over London.

Charing Cross Railway station (at right)

Whitehall Court

Hungerford Bridge

House of Parliament

Photo taken by the son
Each cabin on the Eye can hold more than 20 persons
Changing skyline of London: at right is the dome of St Paul's Cathedral, designed by Christopher Wren

Millennium Bridge leads straight to St Paul's: view on the walk along the river
Buckingham Palace in the distance

Almost missed the bus!

Traffic on London's liquid highway is almost as busy as its roads!

After the Eye, some refreshment!

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