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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Le Touquet by the sea

We left Paris and headed to Crillon. Next day, we drove north to the coast to spend the day and a night on the sea. It was about a two-hour drive from Beauvais to Le Touquet Paris Plage - Tokay on the beach (as it is pronounced).
The beach at Le Touquet: lots of people and it's still winter!

We bundled up warmly to have a meal on Babette's deck.

Cycle tracks are calling this adventurer, the abominable snowman!

Somewhere warmer for me!
In the mid-1800s, the idea was to develop what was marshland into a seaside resort. After the first world war in the 1920s, it was probably the smartest resort with its reputation for chic. World War 2 intervened, and Le Touquet slowly recovered. Today, it has grown by attracting many sports - yachting, sailing, riding, golf. The Casino is still there. Ocean facing residences built in the last century have given way to high rise buildings with many apartments each with its own terrace overlooking the sea.
Older quaint houses

Town centre

Still a few traditional buildings amid the high-rises

The new face of Le Touquet.

Le Touquet is nearer to the south east coast of England than it is to Paris, and so easy to get there from the Chunnel!

The tower was my landmark to guide me back from the sea.
Boules is a game of old France, in which you have three tries to get your "boules" nearest a designated spot. In this case, the spot is a little red ball in the dirt.

Players line up on one end of a square

Each has three balls, three tries

Can you see the little red marker?

One more ball coming up!

Every man has thrown his three balls!

Let's see whose balls are closest!

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