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Monday, March 3, 2014

Miss Miles takes to the streets

Miss Miles - a play recollecting the life of Gene Miles (gas station Gene) - was created and produced by Tony Hall. The character of the famous 60s whistle-blower, fashionista, rebel was channelled by Cecelia Salazar. Tony and Cecelia decided to bring Miss Miles to the streets of 2014 carnival as a street to pavement re-enactment, for one day only, Carnival Monday.
The face of 2014 Carnival: iconic design by Peter Minshall
The face of Miss Miles - the face of 2014 carnival - was created by Peter Minshall who modeled Miss Miles as the avenging angel, eyes flashing, a broad voluptuous mouth, and of course the mole. This design became mask and banner, t-shirt icon in the country's red white and black. Bunty O'Connor sculpted the face of the younger naive Miss Miles, a face not yet coarsened by hard times or rejection.
Penny wears the angelic Miss Miles

Here's the mask of Miss Miles the avenging angel.

Hazel wears the not yet hardened Miss Miles

Tony Hall, playwright, producer and bandleader for Miss Miles

Players discuss their moves

Actors in discussion: Jacqui Chan and Cecilia Salazar
Bunty carried the banner to Adam Smith Square

Then Rory took over.

Costumes for the little band of about 50 players were designed and made by Meiling. Three silk banners bearing Minshall's iconic design for the face of 2014 Carnival sailed above the players who carried placards rejecting corruption in all aspects of public and private life.

Among the players were Jacqui Chan, Cecelia Salazar, Penelope Spencer, Mary Hall, Lindsay Hall, Hazel Simonette, Brenda Hughes, Ina Blake, and others.

Raising the flag bearing the Gene Miles icon!

Gene Miles - her mouth twisted in a sardonic expression - floats above the playground at Murray Street

On Carlos Street

Tony negotiating the turn onto Ariapita Avenue
Cecilia will play Miss Miles again after Carnival. Her father came to see the band!


  1. Fabulous! Great pix. So sorry to have missed his historic event!!!! A new chapter in Carnival history. Milla Riggio

  2. Brilliant. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will always treasure this photo with my father Jose. Till next carnival!!