Horizon at Sandy Point

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Aaah! Store Bay

If you are from Trinidad or anywhere else, a first sea bath in Tobago is synonymous with a dip in Store Bay. Come off the plane at Crown Point airport and walk two blocks over. Everyone comes to Store Bay: people from Lambeau and Scarborough; people from Toco and Chaguanas in Trinidad, and people from Houston and Miami, Italy, Venezuela and Canada.

Slip into the Store Bay blue and feel the knots loosen. Stay awhile, float, gaze at the sky. It's not a small thing to be so relaxed, like a yogi on your own watery horizon.

Store Bay never gets old. The silken caress refreshes and renews. So if you're a first time Store Bay visitor - like Clark or Elena or Marilee - cherish this first dip, on this first day at Store Bay. Come back again and again, and remember the allover pleasure that is a simple "dip in the ocean."

They say "those who eat the cascadura" must return to Trinidad. Just as surely those who dip in Store Bay must return to Tobago!

Store Bay through and under the big tamarind tree

Crown Point on the "point" of Store Bay

Store Bay at Crown Point

Rocks and caves of Store Bay

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