Horizon at Sandy Point

Monday, July 13, 2015

Regarding the horizon

same sky same sea same time

Why you take so many photos on this same beach?
Every year, every time we are here.
So yes, we do come to this shore for the same unceasing sea same unending sky.
For the non-events on the long distance horizon unseen origin of waves slow rolling to the shore. We come - so eagerly - for the same waves, same sand, same lowering clouds that tumble and skid pelting water like bullets bucket a drop.

Sandy point, southern most tip of Tobago

If you watch for the hour, you see the tide turning, lapping up the shore filling rocky pools and spuming over the jetty. Crabs scurry forward, scuttle back. When the water goes low, rocks emerge, barnacled alive. And what are these dense mini forests greening cleaves and crevices. Schools of fingerling fish synchronise and jack-knife fluid esses. Gulls circle and swoop. A pelican plunges. From the same morning pirogue, the shifting circle of net catches a light.
wave-broken pier
Jetty to jetty, your tour of this tiny shorefront brings comfortable vistas as the sun strides overhead, saunters westward. Venture to the end of a wave-broken pier. You can walk on water to the horizon, level and balance of the visible ocean. There's no horizon in the hills.

Your dream-bright horizon, the unshifting tether that anchors you to this shore; that tightrope to escapes always out of reach.

So it's not just photos? What's the use of these words? Why go stone stepping across beached coral?  What lies beneath?

The words are for the son, for his love of ciphers, words numbers and enigmas. The pictures for the daughter who loves the sea and all creatures that live there.

low tide
forests of the sea

barnacles and forests
pools and ridges

that line that tethers sky to sea

tightrope of dreams

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