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Friday, October 9, 2015

California wedding

--> Take a girl with Caribbean roots. Steep in California. Mix a bit of Manchester. Add a Welsh bachelor with a wicked sense of humour. In a marriage made in Malibu, they promised to share a life full of laughter even as they support, inspire and challenge each other. These photos record some memories created that day.

Anna and Karl pledge their vows to officiating witness Antonio Robertson and an audience of friends and family.
A kite surfer photo-bombs the moment!
Guests rode the shuttle from Ninth Street Santa Monica to the Malibu West Beach Club. Officiating at the ceremony, Antonio Robertson had been vested for the day with the power to confirm vows and witness the bond of his sister Anna Robertson to Karl Roberts.

Walking to the wedding?

Along Ninth street

Adrian and Tina Nunez

Queuing for the bus!
Jeffrey Ramsbottom walked with Anna to the arch facing the western horizon, symbolizing the entry to her new life. Jeffrey also delivered the first tribute, admiring Anna’s acceptance of diversity and tolerance since he first met her as a spirited twelve-year-old.

Also delivering tributes were Mark Adler and Joanie Dieter, Anna’s second family in Santa Monica; and Jessica, her roommate at Yale. New husband Karl shared his delight in newly wed status in the Welsh way - proposing a toast every few seconds - to everyone from his parents to new parents-in-law, best friends from his 'hood and his bride!

Anna and Jeffrey
Suzanne and Jeffrey

Jeffrey and Mark Adler

The three sisters and two brothers of Suzanne were present with their families: a festival of West Indian, British, Scandinavian and other flavours. Present for Karl were his mother and step-father, his sister Katie and her fiancé Adam, and friends from Wales as well as London.

After the exchange of vows, Karl and Anna danced as their families and friends blew bubbles where they passed.

on the beach

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