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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fresh in Santa Monica, Los Angeles

California - and Los Angeles in particular - has been in the forefront of fresh markets in the USA. The idea of producers selling directly to consumers from farms in the area, preserving quality - produce picked the same day - and reconnecting families with growers has since spread around that country and to communities concerned with healthy food.

You would think that on a weekend in Santa Monica, some market would be easy to find. In fact, we missed the one on the 3rd Street Promenade in favour of another that was further away on Virginia Street. And we never made it to Santa Monica Main Street Farmers Market because we chose to walk the long way along the coast, then turned back.

Here are some photos that tell the story of our market experience this October weekend in Santa Monica. In the Virginia Street Market, we got the best goat cheese, roasted peppers, flaky pastries, and local wheat pasta.

The Virginia Street Market in a park with school and library
Fresh peppers included hots such as jalapenos and cayennes

Favourite feature: the gas-flame blaster which roasted peppers. You could choose mild with bell peppers; medium bells with jalapenos; or hot, jalapenos and cayennes
Fresh berries

My favourite fresh berries were these guavas; the small ones were 10 for $2

Ginger root!

Carrots with their green tops!

Sweet potatoes
More greens!

Reds: sweetest baby Romas!

Purple melongene

Bok choys
Wheat harvested and milled in California valleys

And flowers!  

In the supermarkets too, seasonal displays herald fall, pumpkin season, Halloween, and the dying year!

Here's what we saw on our way to the Main Street market that we never reached:

Rasta bus on Ocean Avenue

Refreshing wall garden!

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