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Sunday, October 18, 2015

More than an ajoupa in Arizona

Wish gifts for newlyweds in 1990!

 Twenty-five years ago, they came to Trinidad as newlyweds. They were given gifts of ceramic art pieces from the Ajoupa Pottery. The gifts were wish symbols: for the house that they would make into a home; perhaps not a coconut truck, but viable modes of transportation; and a boat for the oceans that they would always live near or sail upon. Taken altogether, they were a hope for a full life, full of adventure, full of surprise, full and fulfilled.

Twenty-five years later, in Arizona, we are welcomed into the home of the couple who came to Trinidad in 1990, after the coup. The wishes have come true many times over.

Happy anniversary, Kris and Nathalie! 

A home in Arizona in the town of Carefree

Loving family

There's a boat for the lake
Good times!
Hopes upon which the sun never sets ...

And a return to Trinidad every year or so!

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