Horizon at Sandy Point

Friday, October 14, 2016

Inward journeys

Perhaps I haven't written much this year because many things I want to say might be perceived as darker. Morbid mom, too morbid! Well, comes a time when you have to say and be damned. So here goes. This is the start of a small series, written in a different form. Let me know what you think.

Passages and lines inspired by a cousin who is walking her own walk now

Living with diabetes
My mother
Was always taking pills, at specific times,
Before meals, at the end of the day…
Routine to regulate sugar
Too sweet her blood may be
But acrid the tongue
Retorts like the tail of the scorpion
Scorpio she was
She had our respect, maybe love too
Tough love at the end of the day
Making women of us
All of us, with a little mother’s clay
Could we say that she died of diabetes?
Complications of a condition
Compounded by a broken heart.

Breast cancer
They told my little cousin
A daughter’s age
Two years ago she gave up both breasts
Took back her life
Now here she lies on white sheets in a place called Vitas
Refuge for body and soul's ease
No cell
But a sentence:
Something migrated to the brain

The hospital bed
Becomes a land of counterpane
Room for reflection
Untravelled space
meditation mat
where prison is a brain racked with pain
Here she conserves inward
For outside is a phalanx of people
Pity comes unbidden to their faces
How much time until time becomes irrelevant
How little time to reach the otherwise unknowable

Let us take comfort in death’s presence
Come, sit, we may not speak
Death smiles:
Let long silences fill our companionship.
Be not afraid it whispers
Come let’s be on a new adventure
Precipice and watershed
Shall we call it lifeshed
Trust trust trust the footing you cannot see
Open the heart to new suns moons nebulae
“We are stardust we are golden”
Old language falls away.
We can be friends, death says
Even as we walk these miles
Not to the end, just a walk on the milky way
No one knows the distance like I do
Death says
Stepping on stars scattered like the scans of your brain
Trust, and I will bring you safely home

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