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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Island blood: an education in one week

Every child with island blood in his veins should have experiences with the sea. This was my brother's wish when he brought his three daughters from their mountain home in North Carolina to his island home, Trinidad and Tobago. Here's how their island genes, long dormant in the mountains, were revitalised. Our father, their grandfather, loved the sea. We hope all his grandchildren share this love, even if their visits are one week at a time, years apart. Here's some of what they experienced for the first time, on their first visit. All in one week!

Buccoo Reef by glass bottom boat: fun in the Nylon Pool's clear water
Fish kiss
Paddling your own canoe: kayaking at Chaguaramas
Experiencing the force of wind and wave at Toco lighthouse
The beach at Grande Riviere: rusting shipwreck at the far end

First baby leatherback turtle viewing
Nestlings emerging in daylight: these are sheltered until dusk when they are released above the wave line.

Waves at Grande Riviere beach: just offshore, the female turtles are waiting to come ashore at nightfall.

Leatherback turtle nesting at dawn

Hungry cobos and dogs wait for the tide to unearth eggs or baby turtles

The family at Maracas Bay

Surely, we who live on the islands should ensure that children growing up on these shores have first hand experiences of nesting turtles, baby turtles, hungry corbeaux, fish life, coral reefs, warm tropical sea water, sand in toes, tides, wind, waves.
(Photos by Margaret Wong Chong, Chuck Wong Chong, Pat Ganase, Merryl See Tai)

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